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Locks in the City, Commercial Locksmiths operating a 24hr service.

Locks in the City, are Forfeiture of Lease Locksmith. Based in South East London, but covering all of London. We also cover a large portion of Essex and Kent. Having carried out a large number over the years we consider ourselves specialists in the field. We understand the importance of the task in hand. Therefore we attend fully prepared for all situations. We arrive on site as a professional company, and carry out a professional job. We have built up a good relationship with many of the Bailiffs, Solicitors and Landlords. Who over the years have always continued to use our service

Locks in the City, understand the importance of a Landlord getting their property back. Having normally suffered a considerable financial loss. They want to ensure they can get their property back and start the process of recuperating their loss by clearing property and getting it re-tenanted with paying tenants. So as forfeiture of Lease Locksmith, we help to make a smooth transition as best we can. Gaining entry efficiently, promptly and professionally. Change the locks using the correct product. Ensuring all possible entry points are secured. Such as windows, back doors and fire escapes.  We will where possible, ensure no damage is done when opening locks as we practice as close to 100% non destructive as possible

Many commercial forfeitures require the locks to be opened and the Landlord has already normally lost a lot of money in unpaid rent. Therefore they will not want to pay for additional repairs to doors and hardware. Caused by so called locksmiths. Or the possibility of having to pay for a re-attendance, because the tenants have gained access again. Due to poor sub standard low security locks having been installed. We use branded and trusted locks, that are designed for the commercial market, and that particular locking device. Whether it’s a glass door, Aluminium door, or wooden we have the solution. We have covered everything from a small one door storage unit, unto a full on 5 floor office block with multiples of doors.

We attend them at all hours of the day or night. Catering for the nature of which that business operates, in order to take peaceful possession. Its no good attending during operational hours. So typically we attend most during the hours of 23:00pm-06:00am. For further information on a forfeiture of lease Locksmith, then please call us on 07921000672