Van Security Locks Bridgend

Van Security Locks Bridgend

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Van Locks Fitted to our own vehicle

Locks in the City, Supply and Fit Van Security Locks In Bridgend and the surrounding areas, in South Wales. Locks in the City are able to offer security for your van. Whether it’s a single van, or a small fleet. I am able to offer a mobile service, where I will come to you at your property or place of work.

With Van break-ins at an all time high, there is never a better time to ensure you secure your vehicle. With criminals attacking vehicles, and the security flaws they have. The cost of the vehicle and all the other associated costs that goes with it makes it an expensive asset. Thats without the contents that you put into the vehicle. Whether that’s Van Locks Bridgendexpensive tools, equipment or stock, you want to ensure you’re protected. The best way to do this is to fit additional security Van Deadlocks & Hook locks:

Van Hook & Dead locks:

So fitting additional locks is a must. Fitting hook deadlocks to side doors and rear doors, whether barn style or tailgate, is ideal. A hook lock is far superior over a traditional deadlock type. The hook lock when locked stops the spreading of the door from the meeting point on the frame etc. It’s essentially an anti-separation device. We also, on some vehicles advise fitting deadlocks high up on doors. This is due to an attack known as “peel and steal”. The criminals will pull on the top of the door bending it outwards, to allow access into vehicl

Van Slam Locks:

Locks in the City are able to also supply and fit slam locks. These are ideal in the multi-drop delivery scenario situation. The doors will require the key to open the door each time. As the handle no longer operates the door. So when you shut the door, even if you don’t operate the central locking. No one can just walk up to the vehicle and pull handle and gain entry.

Van Slam lock Bridgend

At Locks in the City I can also can supply and fit additional locks to the cab doors. This is ideal on keyless entry vehicles. Or cabs where expensive equipment is kept in the cab. It also means if someone was to try and get into the vehicle, they would have to climb in and out of the driver or passenger window. Drawing attention to themselves.

At Locks in the City we also upgrade manufactures OEM door locks. Especially on the Fords, Ford Transits and Customs. This is an ideal thing to change straight away as they are a known flaw and weakness. These are known as REP locks or Hykee locks. Even if you’re unfortunate enough to suffer an attack, we can help replace and make good the vehicle with the relevant hardware.Ford Replacement door lock Bridgend

Van Armour & Shielding:

Locks in the City are also able to supply and fit additional armour and shielding to your vehicle. For those attacks on vehicles that have vulnerabilities, where the body work is pierced and the locking systems are bypassed or over ridden.These attacks are normally do with a screwdriver or a tool that is pierced into the panel or door. The plates supplied can be fitted as a preventative measure and visual deterrent. As well as being a means to cover up the unsightly damage left after an attack, if your unfortunately enough to be a victim.

We can Key alike all the van locks. Meaning you have one key that operates all the additional locks fitted. Even if you have multiple vehicles. Or we can put them on individual keys.