Safe opening service

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Safe opening service in Bridgend & South Wales

Safes opened, supplied, serviced & fitted.

Locks in the City are able to carry out your safe work. Whether its in need of a service to ensure continual longevity, or the keys have been lost, stolen or broken. We also offer a safe opening service, whether due to lost keys, or the safe has failed in some way. We also can install you a safe for your home or business. Safes opened, supplied & fitted in Bridgend & South Wales.

We can also attend site to change locks and keys for new ones. In scenarios such as staff leaving the business, the business changing new owners, or simply a set of keys has gone missing. In domestic situations it can be for similar reasons. Commonly when people move and discover a safe with no keys, most commonly underfloor safes. Sometimes the keys are present but we still advise that the locks are changed. As someone may have keys still and could break in an open the safe.

Safe opening service
Safes opened, supplied, maintained & fitted

We advise you service your safe. This ensures it is kept at optimal performance. Highlights any issues before they cause damage or cause the safe to fail and not open which is sadly a common issue we come across. We can replace batteries if you have an electronic safe. Again an item people wait for to run out before they replace. This can be a costly error. So as part of the service we will change the batteries.

We supply and fit an array of safe types. Data safes, laptop safes, fire safes, gun safes, Domestic safes and commercial safes. What ever your application we will source the required type and install it.

If you are having difficulty locking/unlocking your safe, phone us straight away. Our locksmiths are fully insured and are members of the Master Locksmiths Association, which means our team have been inspected, vetted and approved as fully qualified by the MLA.