Master Key Systems

Master key Systems

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Locks in the City are able to offer various options in order to secure your home and/or business premises. Including both Master Key and Keyed alike locking systems. We have included an infographic of how the Master key system can be set up below …

Locks in the City have and manage a Master System for a client which has in excess off 450 rooms across various HMO’s. All operated on one key. Though each room has its own key for tenant, that will open only their room and the communal door. The management team, maintenance guys can access every building and every room with their one key. Due to the success and ease the client has just authorised x 2 new buildings to be master suited. Thats an additional 50+ rooms without all the additional cupboards and offices.

Restricted Master Key System

Locks in the City, London can supply and install Master Key Systems

A typical Master Key System.

If your place of work and/or private residence requires many people to have access to the various locks about the property. Then a restricted master key system ensures you have complete control over exactly who has a key. Also, only persons with your authority can duplicate any of your keys. This type of system allows you to give access to specific people for certain doors. For example, in an office block scenario, the general manager will want a key for every locking door. Managers may want access to all of their department. Cleaning staff may only need access to the store cupboard and whichever floor that they are responsible for working on. It also means that each designated key holder will need to carry far fewer keys than would be the case. If every locking door in the building had a different lock. Lost keys are far less problematic, because other members of staff would have a working copy.

Keyed alike Master key systems

Locks in the City - supply and install Master Key SystemsIf many different keys are required, in order to secure all the doors at your property, then Locks in the City can supply and install a ‘keyed alike’ system. This means that one key opens all the doors at your address. Therefore you will no longer need to carry that huge bunch of different keys about!

Locks in the City are Members of the Master Locksmiths AssociationOur locksmiths are fully insured and are members of the Master Locksmiths Association, which means our team have been inspected, vetted and approved as fully qualified by the MLA.