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Hi all,

It’s ben a while !!!!. I’ve been kept on my toes with work and training. Locks in the City is now training towards joining the Master Locksmith Association. As I am able to carry out the required standards, and fulfil the expectations they require, it makes sense. The perfect progression. In becoming a member of a recognised governing body who’s aim is to supply customers with locksmiths who are vetted and have past the exams in order to be classed as a master locksmith. This will give the customer peace of mind, and reassurance in their choice when looking for a locksmith.

Being a master locksmith is not just about the opening of the locks, but its about the understanding of locks, and their history. Proving you have good product knowledge. You can select an appropriate lock or hardware to help solve a problem or issue. Not only able to replace locks, but where possible repair locks. Make keys by hand to locks. This is a widely argued and criticised module taken by people as to why make one by hand when you can buy a new lock or replace internals. However what the skill is teaching is the ability to create a working key by understanding whats required to do it. You can’t just file at a key to make it work. It takes, precise attention to detail. Understanding removing material here will effect the lock in this way or that. It’s an art. It was not until a fair few months ago that I started looking into it. Having since learnt its been a great learning curve. Creating a key to a lock that could last for years to come, is very satisfying.

Another skill required is to fit a euro cylinder and euro deadlock case to a door including security escutcheons. All done without the aid of a morticed which is a modern day tool that aids in creating a mortice pocket in which the case would sit. This is done with a drill and then tidied up and finished using chisels etc. Another good skill to have. It’s a big part of my job from time to time, fitting locks from scratch. It’s always nice to have a nice clean professional fit when doing it. A customer is not going to want a slap dash job, where filler is used to fill unsightly gaps.

So hopefully in December this year I will pass the 4 modules and will be classed as Master Locksmith and I can use their logo, to inform my customers both new and old that I’m a validated member and more then competent to carry out the work they require.

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