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Blackheath Locksmith

Well it’s been a while since I’ve managed to get on here, to write a new post. Locks in the City have been kept busy with numerous jobs. Most commonly lately has been swollen doors, and a spate of keys stuck in locks or not operating locks properly.

With Christmas only weeks away, work typically starts to slow down. Especially the repossessions and forfeiture of leases. One reason being is the courts have an amnesty for two weeks. Though there is often an increase in late night calls especially from people going out over the festive period and losing keys,being pick pocketed or worst still being mugged or robbed. This sadly is the time of year, where thieves see it as an ideal opportunity to go out robbing. Knowing there will be many expensive purchases made for friends, family and loved ones. Jewellery, watches, gaming consoles and other electrical items.

Recently I attended a property in Blackheath, South East London. I was called by a guy informing me he had been broken into and needed his locks changed as his spare keys had been taken. Upon arrival I was met by the family and the police. Obviously the family were deeply upset and in shock. It is apparent the thieves targeted a few houses in and around the close area. The police gave me the ok to change the locks. My main concern was to see where the thieves entered and to make that my main point of interest. This case it was the front door. The owners had been in bed but had not double locked their upvc door. So there was markings to the frame consistent with forced entry. This attack can be relatively quiet. They then had access to the property and had ransacked the downstairs portion of the property. Taking two laptops, an iPad, handbag with a purse, other electrical items and also the car keys. Though they did not actually steal the car. Maybe they had intentions of returning to take it.

I changed the front door lock and added some extra security. I upgraded their cylinder to a British Standard kite marked lock. Including fitting security handles. I also fitted two sash jammers on the internal side of the door. More for the wife who was worried it could happen again. So being able to see physical security holding the door closed helped put her mind at ease. They asked if a chain could be fitted though the type they were contemplated is what is typically fitted to wooden doors. These are not to good for upvc doors. So I showed them a great alternative designed purposely for upvc. They decided they wanted one of these fitted. I have fitted a few, and they are well made. So having sorted that my thoughts turned to the over entrance and exit points to the property. This particular property had two other doors. Again both UPVC, so another x2 sash jammers on both doors. With a change of cylinder and handles again. I then mentioned windows and the family were taken back as they had not really thought about them. Though once I mentioned they advised they never locked them all. As they had lost the keys and 2 of handles were broken. A thief will enter by any means, so a window open is as good as a door to them. As once in they will likely be able to open doors as typically people leave the keys in the door anyway.

I have a selection of keys on the van, for windows so was able to source the correct one. Enabling the windows to be locked again. I replaced the two damaged handles with new ones. The proper was now as secure as it could be with out going to extreme limits. The husband asked on an alarm and a gave a quote for him to consider. A few days later the guy decided to have one fitted and went for the telecommunication option. So if alarm was triggered when no one was at home, he would receive notification by phone. Not only that he could set the alarm to home mode when in bed and the entrance and exit points are armed. So if a door is opened or a window the alarm is triggered.

The family were happy and now feel safe in their home. All though the initial cost is considered a lot. Loosing your belongings or feeling like your home has been invaded is a higher price mentally, physically and finically. Your home is always going to be the one biggest expense you ever make. It also contains thousands of pounds of belongings and priceless sentimental irreplaceable items. So the cost of securing your home is minute in consideration and theoretically a one off payment