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Charlton Locksmith

Well hello again,

today started off relatively quiet, so I thought it would be an ideal time to catch up with paperwork and invoices. So I fired up the computer opened up my accounting software. I made my way through about 5 minutes worth of work when my phone rang. It was a lady who had her keys but the key wouldn’t work in her top lock. I diagnosed what I believed to be the problem over the phone. I told the lady the price, though she said she wanted to ring around.

I told her thats fine. How ever I told her to question who she rang if they could open the door non destructively. I also told her to query the worst case scenario she would have to pay ift hey they damaged her locks getting in.

The lady rang me back about 30 minutes later asking if I could attend because the others she rang quoted much higher then me and two said it sounded like the lock was faulty so would need a new lock fitted. So I travelled to Charlton to meet the lady. The lady gave me the key to try. it rotated in the direction to double lock but wouldn’t work in the open direction. So this told be my initial thoughts were correct. I got my tool from the van and was able to open the door. No damage was caused, the lady was in within minutes and was relieved.

I informed the lady of a few changes to avoid it happening again. I gave her my card and told her to think about it. It was up to her and no pressure to do it. I then left site.

Next job was to attend a property that was also in Charlton to change two cylinders. These cylinders however were not your standard cylinders but were removable core best cylinders. These are not that common. The customer had lost her keys. So I had attended before to open the property. I picked the locks open so there was no damage. I then fitted alternative locks and took these cylinders away to make new keys to the cylinders. So this was a return visit to re-fit. So once on site the job took about 20 minutes to complete and the lady was extremely happy.

Whilst at that job I received a call from a shop that was complaining about there door not locking properly. Basically the door had dropped so the top lock would not engage properly. I adjusted the door as well as greasing the moving parts and filled the keep slightly and the door was back to operating as it should be.

We also had a local call in Thamesmead to attend a family who had just moved into a new property and wanted their locks changed. So I offered them a new homeowners package that consists of 3 locks and labour in a deal. The gentleman was really happy as he felt he would be paying much more. They also required further keys so I was able to carry this out whilst there. Again the guy was amazed that I could do this in my van.

So in all quite a productive day today