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Emergency service to the rescue

Keeping busy as usual covering the usual tasks expected of a locksmith. With a spate of burglaries and upvc door realignment. More recently I was called to a property in Kidbrooke to a property where there upvc doors were jammed in the lock position. The lady rang informing me her husband had played about with it to resolve the problem but ended up making it worse and jamming it up. Once on site I found the key was stuck in one position and would not turn any further. So the husband was not about so I went to work looking for signs of what the problem was. I had to jack the door up slightly that relieved the pressure being placed on the mechanism. The lock opened, to the relief to the lady. I adjusted everything required and got the door to lock and open using one finger it was that smooth. The lady was over the moon, as she thought that it would mean a new lock or mechanism being fitted.
So as I left the lady asked for some cards as she was so happy with the service. Next it was on to another upvc door. This time to fit some new flag hinges as one had broken and was not supporting the door. The lady only wanted to replace one but as the hinge had been broken for months, I advised that there would of been alot of stress and strain on the others. So I replaced all 3 and the owners tested the door and said it was like a brand new door. It opened and closed with ease, no lifting the door into place.
Once that was completed it was on to our local Ice Cream man. Having known him since I was a spotty teen and built up a long friendship he called on me when his upvc door had jammed shut. Once there it was apparent the handle was not operating anything so the hooks and bolts were in the locked position so we would have to manually move the bolts back into the open position.
After using a few techniques and specialist tools the door was open and it was a Milenco system. There is a common fault with these where the follower needs replacing as it fails but on this occasion it was required to replace the full strip as the gearbox had completely failed and one of the connecting plates had failed and sheared. So I made the door safe for over night purposes and then ordered a newer model of the milenco. The next day we went back and fitted the new system and keep and it went in a treat. Covered all exsisting holes so you would never know it was changed. Not only that we updated the cylinder to a BS kitemarked cylinder to go with the new handles fitted. So it all looked nice and shiny and operated nice and smoothly.
The ice cream man or as I know him Onur was really appreciative and paid for the job as well as giving me and the family a large tub of Cookies and cream Ice cream. Which in it self is ammmmaaazzzing.