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Its been a while once again, but we’ve been kept busy as usual. We have had a mixed bag as usual. Tough we have come across more and more is problems with Transom closers on Aluminium doors often found in communal doors and shops. They are basically a hidden door closer that is fitted above the door. Hidden it the transom of the frame. The units job is to allow the door to close behind you in a controlled manor. Not to hard as it can cause damage to the door, but most importantly it does not injure people, by trapping fingers or slamming into them.


transom closers

Recently removed from a job, after a handyman put a screw into it causing oil to leak

Many of of these units go un-noticed that there is an issue with them. As they are out of view and people are not aware they are there. One of the main ways to tell of an issue is that a black oily residue that is leaking down the door or frame. Running from the top. Another sign is the door will just slam shut with quite force, often banging and crashing. Sometimes the closing speed and latching sped can be adjusted to eradicate the slamming but if people have adjusted these closers then often the damage is irreversible as the oil has leaked and knackered the unit.

With that the best bet is to replace the whole transom closer. We can supply them, instal them and maintain them. Once installed the difference is instantly noticeable. Many of our customers are amazed at how the door closes compared to the rough banging and crashing it was before our attendance. Doors typically would take around 5-8 seconds to close. Until the last 10 degrees where the door needs a extra push to latch the door to ensure it closes properly. So you should get a nice secure close with the confidence that the door will lock each and every time.

Please just call us on 07921 000 672 to speak with us or obtain a quote in a replacement. We can also replace the arms that are fitted to the doors. Whether they are side loading or end loading. We can also replace the floor pivots that the door sits on. Sometimes these are forgotten and missed. We also advise that new parts are replaced and once a year that the units are checked to ensure there is no leaks, or nuts, bolts or screws have worked loose. We will also make any necessary adjustments that are required.

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