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So last night, that being Sunday 10th February. I got a few local jobs Mainly slam shuts where the doors have slammed shut behind people locking them out. Then around 10pm I was contacted by a family who had got locked out but had chosen to open the door them selves. The state of the door when I arrived was unbelievable. It was a composite door that consists of timber inside with a thin pressed metal outer skin. The whole door was buckled and twisted. The door had numerous dents where it had been jemmied with screwdrivers shovels and a crow bar. In the process of the door being twisted they managed to shatter and smash the doubled glazed panel in the door.

Due to the fact that the door was so badly damaged they couldn’t then get the door to shut. So this is when they decided to call upon my services. Though by now the damage had been done and was irreversible. I had to replace both the rim cylinder as well as the night latch but also the deadlock need to be replaced. I informed the customer that I would secure the property as best I can but it’s not going to be pretty and will be a temporary fix. A whole new front door and frame is now required due to the extensive damage.  I don’t like being the bearer of bad news or to appear to rub salt into the wound but I told them if they had of rung me before hand it would of saved them so much money. It would of only required me to attend and pick the locks open on the door. It would of only taken approx 30 mins.

They were absolutely gutted which is to be expected. They realised that they should of really got a professional in from the start. I have invested heavily in picks and decoders and spent hundreds if not thousands of hours practising to pick locks without damage. Drilling a lock, or causing damage in order to open a lock should always be a last resort as its not necessary. Only time it should possibly be done is if a lock has failed or broken in the locked position.

So the moral of today’s post is always to call on a professional in your hour of need. It will save you money in the long run. As proper locksmiths will always carry the correct tools and possess all the knowledge and skills to make sure the job is carried out correctly and to the highest standards.

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