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I pretty much cover most of London within reason of time or type of job. It’s no good driving across London at rush hours in morning or evening as your be sat in traffic burning fuel. So we have to justify whether its economically viable. Luckily if we can not make it we have a network of other locksmiths nationwide that you meet via exhibitions and forums. So even if we can not attend we will always aim to pass the job or give details of another trust worthy locksmith.

Being a Locksmith in London can be a testing game as there is a lot to contend with. Traffic, parking if any at all, carry a wider range of specialist tools for dedicated locks, in general higher cost of insurances, congestion charging. For saying sake if we get a job in West London, we are looking on a good run of at least 45-60 mins. Before we get there we have to include and remember to pay the congestion charge of £10. So potentially you will be tied up for 3 hours, for attending, carrying out work and then return journey home. So you could potentially loose more local work. One smaller job locally could possibly earn you the same in profit. The locks west London have a tendency to be of high value and high security. As there is a lot of wealth in West London. So you will typically find Banham locks, Ingersoll, Bramah and Chubb commercial grade 3g110 detainer locks. All these can present problems and are not cheap to keep stocked on van in their various finishes and sizes.

Other areas are London can then present other locks that are more common in one area. You may go to one postcode for saying sake SE28 Thamesmead my own postcode. The area is predominantly secured by euro cylinders, in the older parts and in the new parts they are succoured by thumbturn euro and rim cylinders on Roller nightlatches. So we try to stock keyed alike pairs so that if we need to change them we are not taking away the benefit of the one key solution. The roller nightlatches are fitted so if they fail we need to carry them to enable a like for like replacement. Fitting something else is not always a good idea as it may not cover the same footprint of old lock meaning then the door may have different paint showing or part thats not been stained or varnished. All to often I visit properties were other locksmiths have attended and not always had the varied selection, so they fit what they can make work. So you find frames with chiselled out chunks from previous old locks and screw holes. Not very professional.

You may go to another postcode and find it flooded with say a 3″ sashlock all branded Era. Another area maybe Scandinavian cylinders on old councils blocks, a mile down the road your find another council block that are fitted with mul-t-lock cylinders. A mile in another direction your find the area flooded all with upvc doors and windows. This again then can open another market of what you carry on the van. Not just the cylinders in different colours but the profile and offset. The cylinders typically go from 30mm/30mm up to 60mm/40mm. you can get 30mm/40mm so many varying combinations as the cylinders go up typically at 5mm each end. Then on top of the the central gear boxes come in many sizes and combinations as well as different makes.

You will be looking at a large investment in just the locks alone before the tools, advertising, insurances, fuel etc. We carry as much as we can to ensure everything is done in one visit as it makes more sense for the customer as well as us the locksmith. If the job is done in one go the customer can rest easy. They will be grateful and will remember you from the service you provided. Another reason as to why we install alarms as well as cut keys on the van. Its about supplying the customer with services there and then. Having that edge in a competitive market. Having that one call solution for the customer. Who will recommend you to their friends and family. On top of this its how you conduct and present yourself to the customer. Its all well and good carrying everything but you turn up in a battered old van thats rusty and your wearing jeans and trainers and a t-shirt with your lunch down the front of it. Customers will not be at ease. So we wear a uniform that is branded and matches the van and our business cards and stationary all tie in together. The same with having a professional website. If you can talk with your customer and engage with them and build up a trusted relationship and you explain what you are doing and why. You talk to the customer, and not at them. All this can help to be known as a reputable tradesman to your customers and those around them. Neighbours, friends, relatives. So to be a successful locksmith in London, having these traits definitely help.
Should you wish to try are services then we can be found at www.locksinthecity.co.uk

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