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Hi All,

It’s been a while since I’ve been on to leave a post. We have been kept extremely busy with day to day locksmithing duties. We have been pushing our services and getting ourselves out there. We want people to choose us over the National companies as well the small independents that have been going around causing grief and leaving customers in far worse conditions then they originally were. We are working tiresomely to get these people away from potential customers who are unaware of potentially the risk they are putting themselves in getting these people in.

We have invested lately in putting ourselves out there on sites that recommend reputable and monitored traders. We in November signed up to Checkatrade, check the link to view our page: Locks In The City . With Chckatrade we we’re visited by a rep who come and personally met me and discussed what they offered and how it worked. They went through the options and explained how they worked and the importance to them to only have reputable tradesmen using their name/brand. They throughly go through your details. They check your insurances are in place and meet the minimum requirements. They ring previous customers to get a reference. Any job you complete and a card is filled in, is followed up to ensure genuine info is being given. We are proud to currently be running at 10 out of 10 overall on our ratings. We find the customer is becoming more aware of Checkatrade as it is advertised well on TV.

We have also lately managed to become AGE UK registered trusted traders on their business directory. Again a thorough inspection was completed on insurances and certificates, as well as contacting previous customers to ensure credibility and workmanship was up to standard. Here is a link to our page: We want people to use us, on the basis of our standards and what others review us to be. As apposed to picking a number of internet or phone book. You don’t known what your getting or who you are getting. With us your getting a service thats on going. We are not a one stop visit and take your money and run.

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