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Locks in the City joins Checkatrade

Well as of December 2013 we are pleased to announce that we became Checkatrade members. We were interviewed in November and accepted as a member. We went live on their website earlier this month and so far have completed 5 jobs with 100% satisfaction from customers who all scored us 10 out of 10. Checkatrade is a online directory of trades and services who have been vetted. Insurances are checked, as well as qualifications and memberships to organisations.

This gives are customers an extra line of security when using us. They know we are not back street traders trying to make a living on others misfortune by charging extortionate charges and supplying inferior quality products. We like our customers to ask for are qualifications and certificates as we are proud of them. We have work hard and continually increase are knowledge and tooling. this benefits both us as a company, and the customer as a consumer.
If we have the correct knowledge and experience we can gain access to your property with no need to drill or damage locks. This proves are professionalism, and the cost are kept to a minimal for the customer as they are able to continue using their old locks.

Calling us to attend a job, over a call centre or a rouge has more benefits then customers realise. Firstly we will be local. Time is of the essence when your locked out or your safety is at risk. We cover a radius of approx 5 miles. So realistically we can be at someones door within 20 mins of a call. Most of time we are on site within 10-15. A call centre may take your call and spend 15-20 minutes finding someone local enough or willing to travel to you. So realistically you will wait 40 mins plus. A rouge can come from anywhere, and they will be willing to travel miles if they feel they will charge you for it.

Secondly, we will turn up in a sign written van. Showing our company detail and professional image. We wear a matching uniform and can provide ID. You will know its a locksmith your dealing with. A call centre will send anyone who is willing to cover the job. As long as they have your card details, and they can get their cut of the money their happy. you could potentially end up with a guy in a car, wearing jeans, t-shirt and trainers. He may supply you with second hand locks and keys. The same with a rogue trader.

Thirdly, we charge you accordingly and fair. We want you to keep you as a customer and refer us to your friends and family. Overcharging will only put you off. We will quote you a price on the phone, for a minimum of an hours labour. Call centres avoid telling you their charges. A couple we have been made aware of charge a half hours call out fee. Which start at £130.00 just to turn up at your door. We charge half that, they also charge way over the RRP on the stock. So that they can profit on the stock also. So effectively you will pay twice. No one will want to take responsibility

So when looking for a locksmith, look locally. If looking online, don’t always go for the first one. They are normally paid advertising. So generally you will find that they are national companies offering local services but they are not. If you do ring and its a call centre be weary. If they have a local locksmith ask where they are based. If they stutter or can’t give a straight answer again be weary. Ask what there call out is. Ask what that call out covers, i.e. time on site etc. Ask if they offer non destructive entry techniques. Ask is they carry identification and proof of experience. Ask if they are insured and offer warranty on parts if they are required to be changed.

Dont be frightened to ask questions. You are paying for the service. So you have a choice also. Don’t be forced into or pressured into making a decision. If it feels you are being pressured then end the call. Also if you google numbers, or companies they will typically show up any other links they are involved with. Some companies have multiple listings in the same area, in different names and different numbers. If a voice sounds familiar, it quite possibly is. They will likely then over quote in the hope you go for their first quote.

So in all be careful and do a little research

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