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Well again it’s been a while since we posted a blog. We have been busy and trying to fit in all the bits and pieces that add up to hours at the end of the day. Before you know it one day has lead into the next.

So basically we have been kept fairly busy locally with general locksmithing duties and emergency call outs. One job we attended was a UPVC door in Thamesmead where in the high winds someones door was damaged and taken off its hinges as it was worked back on its self shattering hinges. The customer called and we were there within 15 minutes of their call. It was really dark, windy and the rain was unreal. Though we still attended to make secure. We had a break in the weather of about 40 mins and luckily we were able to fit new hinges that we actually carry on the van. Not like some who claim to be locksmiths and carry just locks, and a limited selection at that. We at Locks in the city carry a varied selection of not just locks, but other hardware and ironmongery associated with doors and windows. We got the hinges fired and the door hung back in place. Due to door being blown off we needed to replace the handles, as they got badly damaged when the door hit the floor. Again we were able to supply and fit handles of a similar style and colour. All in the same visit. No going back and messing about. With some adjustments the door was like new. The owners were extremely happy they could secure their door and go bed. The house was back to being water tight. No wind howling through the house. We left knowing the customer was more then happy now. I was finally able to go home and warm up. It’s safe to say I prefer the summer months.

Well I got home dried up, warmed up and was about to settle hopefully for at least a few hours but that wasn’t to be. Again due to the winds I received a local job from a previous customer of mine who had been locked out of their home. The wind had blown the door shut with their keys on the inside. This time in 5 minutes I was at their address and took my tool that I use on upvc doors and had the door open in seconds. Simply because it was not double locked. Another happy customer.

Well I got home once again and hoped I would get a few hours to unwind and I did. Though come 00:30am I was contacted by a lady on the phone who managed a block of 24 flats. She had been contacted out of hours from one of the residents complaining that they had water poring though the ceiling. They believed it was from the flat above. The owner of flat above was not their it was believed they were away on holiday in Turkey. The lady on the phone advised that the fire brigade had attended but said they would cause too much damage opening the door as they would have to use destructive methods.

The lady advised that another locksmith had attended see what was on the door and made excuses to leave saying that he would also have to damage the door. I advised the lady that I would attend but I couldn’t guarantee 100% that some damage might be made but it would be put back to normal should I have to. It would not be permanent damage. The lady agrees for me to attend. Upon arrival the tenant who was sadly suffering the flood in to their flat met me and showed me their flat. Water was gushing through the ceiling. The plasterboard had blown the damage was done.

I went up to the flat above and where the leak was suspected to be coming from. I banged on the door. Rang the bell etc. No movement or signs of life. Eventually the managing agent arrived with the police. They gave me the nod to go ahead. Now the flats were all fitted with high security handles, the cylinders were high security cylinders. Even picking open would result in the lock jamming up due to a security feature called trap pins. This would of rendered the cylinder as good as useless if trap pins are activated. There was no letter box to use alternative method. Though I had another tool and technique to use that I acquired from another locksmith who makes high quality tools. I used this specially adapted tool and released the mechanism within the door. Pushing down on the handle opened the door into the flat. The silence from the people around was deathly. They were all so shocked at how quick this door was opened. It was opened quicker then had the key been used.

The flat was inspected and no flood was found to have been coming from the flat. The police and fire brigade looked around the flat, checked anything that was water related and definitely no flood or leaks from this flat. I was asked if the lock needed replacing so I advised no as no damage was caused opening it. They asked would I be able to lock it again. I told them I could and that the owner or tenant would be able to use their key as normal. They were all so impressed and taken back. The managing agent took my cards and details as she informed they had to gain entry to a flat in their before. The locksmith who claimed to have years of experience and was well respected in the locksmith industry took two hours to open the door. With that new handles, cylinder and door stop needed to be replaced. The door was damaged and needed to be repaired and painted as was a portion of the frame. I am now their chosen locksmith and since have had to attend to open another flat for them after a tenant left. No damage and lock changed.

The cause of the flood was put down to the rain. As it was being blown sideways into the building due to the wind the rain had found a path through the breathing bricks located at various points and this happened to be between floors. The water then took the path until it built up above this couples ceiling and it gave way flooding the flat. So had the fire brigade smashed open door there would of been huge amounts of damage. A new door would of been needed. Repair to plaster work etc. Then once in no fault would of been found so a huge bill would of been left for no reason. So for the sake of an attendance fee by me it was a small price to pay.

So if you need a locksmith in and around Thamesmead look us up here.

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