Locksmithing in South East London

Well its been a little while since we got on here to leave an updated blog. We have been extremely busy in all areas of the South East. The main job’s we seem to have been attending is upvc doors not opening or closing properly. Normally the handle is stiff to lift up or down.

We attended a job in Blackheath SE3 for the very reason as stated above. The lady called us complaining that she couldn’t open her french doors to the garden. She was due to have people attended in two hours for a BBQ. She was panicking as she needed to get in the garden and tidy it and get the BBQ ready. I told her I would leave straight away. Withing 20 mins I was there and the lady was relieved if not stressed and really hot and bothered.

The key was turning 270 degrees but not turning the further 90 degrees needed to open it. Armed with experience and knowledge from over the years I used a few techniques and got the door open. The lady cheered and danced around the living room. She even offered me a cold beer but I had to refuse. I adjusted and done all the necessary things to make the door open smoothly again. It turned out the lady was a nurse and was having a few friends around for a very rare get together. So I gave the lady a discount as she her self sadly is not in a well paid profession for the fantastic work they carry out as a public sector servant. She was over the moon. I went off and wished her well and to enjoy her BBQ.

We then attended another recently in Eltham SE9, the landlord rang me as I was driving through Charlton SE7. He said he had spotted my van as it caught his eye and he was now behind me. He asked if I could have a look at a door on a property he let out in Eltham SE9. He informed that the tenants had rang complaining the door was stiff. I told the landlord I would pull over and we could discuss it. I have handsfree but its just easier to talk without all other distractions. I informed him I could attend in a couple hours and I wouldn’t charge to go out and have a look. I would then give an accurate quote and if agreed would carry out the works there and then.

He was more then happy. He gave a price and said if it’s less then that then to carry out the works and the tenants would pay and he would knock it off their rent. He then asked for some cards and said he would have other jobs in the pipeline. I attended the job and carried out the required works. All worked fine and smooth. The tenants paid and were happy. I rang the Landlord told him the job was complete and payment was done and I would send him an invoice. He was really grateful and appreciative and even happy the works didn’t come to what he thought they would.

Due to that fact, since then we have carried out 2 further jobs for this landlord, so looking after the customer. Providing a professional and proficient service has gained us another confident and returning customer.

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