Rogue Locksmiths

So we’ve been quiet for a little while now. Not because we have nothing to say but purely because we have been busy. Attending all types of jobs. We also visited the locksmith expo in Nottingham where we met up with many other locksmiths from across the country. We all probably spent way to much on tools and stock. This is the benefits of theses shows as they pass the knowledge and tools to make our job easier. Not only that but it makes things better for are customers. Purely by having the up to date knowledge and tools this aids in being able to deal with all situations in a professional manor.

The problem with many incompetent locksmiths or so called locksmiths is that they drill or damage locks. Then replace them, this can lead to the price to the customer doubling or tripling. Not only that inferior parts could be used that may not last, or not give the required security needed. If the worst ever happened the insurance would never cover the cost. It would likely be voided.

The problem we are coming up against is that many people are taking what they think is the cheapest option. Which is understandable in the current climate. The problem is like anything you pay for what you get. Pay the cheapest fee for a locksmith, you are likely to get a cheap and poor service. You need to ask WHY ? WHY are they cheaper, HOW can they be cheaper then everyone else. Your answer will likely be they have little if any training, they are using cheap Chinese locks or second hand locks. Will likely drive around in a car have no business insurance or indemnity insurances. They may also demand to be paid in cash to avoid the taxman and paying their dues.

Over the last few weeks I have attended 5 jobs which were most likely attended by the same locksmith. Each time the customer informed me they called the so called locksmith and they attended site all to polite and couldnt do enough for them. All they were interested in was selling more and earning more by trying to pressure into buying further locks then being offered discounts to do so. Two of the customers agreed to it just to keep the guy quiet.

The reason I was called is the locks developed faults. When the customer called the so called locksmith he became rude and agitated on the phone. Demanding they pay a call out fee for him to attend. Blaming the customer that they must have done something. In all 5 cases I had to change the sub standard locks for more reliable and suited locks for the purpose they were intended for.

So people please invest time in researching. When your locked out its easy to just accept what you hear on the phone as you just want to get in quick. Ask the relevant questions. If the keys are locked in side the property then they can still be used. You just want the door open. If the locksmith tells you that the lock needs replacing then alarm bells should ring. A competent locksmith should be able to open the door using a variety of techniques that will not damage the locks. If they walk up to your door with a drill straight away then that is not a trained locksmith.

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