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Again its been a while since my last post. It’s been a busy few months. Although the call out work has quietened down slightly. Our contract work and regular agents have kept me busy. Everything from repossessions through to lock changes for new tenants moving into properties. Also been a large increase in people ringing for getting keys cut.Keys Cut in neon lights

We had a coach company ring who needed 17 padlock keys cut. On arrival at site i was shown to a compound where coaches and mini buses were kept. They complained they were for ever loosing keys and needing them replaced. Although cutting 17 keys would of been highly profitable no one had an original key. So it would of meant me copying from a copy. The easiest option would of been to supply a combination padlock, though they can create other problems people leaving would mean the combination needing to be changed often. Where keys could be given back, however they had no control over people copying their keys by taking it to a local key cutters. So I offered a solution of either going for a restricted keyway section on a removable cored padlock, or go for a access control solution where the fobs can be easily deleted from the system should they go missing or are not returned. They liked the sound of the latter option but wouldn’t commit to spending a large amount just yet. So they opted for a restricted keyway padlock system and are happy with the results.

Then we had to come up with a solution for a customer who had got locked in their flat. Unfortunately the mechanism had failed causing them to be locked inside. I attended and got the door open with out any damage and replaced the faulty part. However prior to us visiting they had, had a so called locksmith turn up who said he would have to remove part of the frame and angle grind the bolts off then supply and fit new mech. Quoting a huge sum of money almost £1300.00.

Thankfully the customer declined and rang us and could not believe the difference in price and what little effort that was required to what she previously been informed. Since that I have attended 6 of the flats to inspect locks. All this because we are willing to go that extra mile. We are not out to manipulate people in to handing out hundreds of pounds when they are in a vulnerable state.

Always ring and get quotes. Don’t be frightened to ask of peoples experience. If they are treating you fairly they will not mind you ringing round for quotes if they are competitive. Again going cheap can be as bad as the most expensive. So do your research.

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