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Emergency locksmith Woolwich

As ever, we are still getting about covering a vast array of jobs. We have covered a fair few jobs in Woolwich lately, the main source has been through a couple of long standing agents we have built relationships with over the years. Recently I was contacted by one of the agents and passed a tenants details over. She had locked her self out of her flat. I rang the lady and she was in a a bit of a fluster as she was rushing about and had to collect the kids from school early as they were finishing for the summer. I was already on a job in Woolwich about half a mile away. I had been uprating a nightlatch for a customer to a Yale PBS1 British Standard high security. I was just tidying up and packing away.

So within 15 mins I was at the property and got the required tools and the door was open in minutes. The lady run in and got her keys and was so grateful for how quick I attended. Though she was running late to get the kids, fortunately going to my next job I would be going past the school. So I offered to drop the lady and she would be on time if not a few minutes early. She agreed and could not be thankful enough. The lady tried offering me £5. I politely declined and asked passing my details would be more preferred and to spend the money on buying the kids an ice cream. later that day I received a text through on my phone from the lady thanking me for everything I had done and made her day so much better after locking her self out. Days like that make some of the troubles you do have in a day seem worth it.

Many people are led to believe as a locksmith you have a easy and profitable life. If only that was the case. It can be long hours, lonely and dealing with different scenarios and all weathers.Struggle to find parking and dealing with traffic and keeping to time scales so it can be stressful at times. Though when you open a lock or a door the rush of adrenalin is addictive and is one of the things that keeps it exciting. I have yet to meet a retired millionaire locksmith but i hold out hope.

Locked in or locked out, then give us a shout.

Well as usual we seem to be running ragged. Such a wide range of jobs lately. From a spate of changing letterbox locks, to keys left inside down to a large volume of key cutting.

We work with numerous agents throughout Thamesmead, Abbey Wood, Woolwich and Plumstead, covering normally tenants loosing keys and locks needing to be changed, or adjustments to doors that have swelled or contracted and become difficult to open and close. Though lately we have had a large quantity of letterboxes where we have had to attend site to open them and change them. None recently have been due to vandalism which they normally are subjected too. This week so far we have changed 4, its not a problem they are actually a welcomed job. They are relatively simple and easy to change.

We recently attended a job in Erith, a lady called saying they were having to enter and exit via there back door as they could no longer use the main door. A few questions later and it was diagnosed as a failed mechanism in a upvc door. I arranged to attend with the landlord to the property she had let out to a tenant.
I arrived on site and the tenant came to the window and spoke to me and informed me they had had problems for a while. Another locksmith had attended a few months back but had not fully rectified the problem. Pulling down the handle the mech seemed to work as it should. No notchy or sticking. Once fully down I puled on the door as it was an outward opening door. the top of the door and middle of door came towards me but the bottom was still held in place. So now I now the bottom hook has failed. I identified the mech and went and got the tools needed to open the mech.

Once the hook was manually pushed back into the open position the door was opened. Straight away the fault could be seen. The lower outer case had shattered to pieces. Obviously where it had been forced, something had to give and the case did just that. Meaning the operating arms were not operating the hook. Once door was opened it was found the mech was obsolete. We carry Yale doormaster on the van, with the added fact that we are are accredited Yale Doormaster experts I explained the benefits as opposed to the previous set up. The landlord asked for a quote which I gave and the lady accepted. So there and then I fitted it and a new set of handles as the others were no good. I set the new system up so that it worked on a twin spindle. This means the external side handle operates the the hooks but on a full depression of the handle it will not retract the latch. So no one can just walk in behind you. You have to physically use the key to pull the latch back. The internal handle operated both the hooks and a full depression would then engage and retract the sash bolt opening the door.

Both the landlord and tenant were happy with the new mechanism and the way in which it operated that they are considering having the back door fitted in a similar way.

From there I attended a job where a young guy was trapped in a flat. He rang saying he could not pull the handle down from the inside. He advised it worked when he left an hour ago to go to the shops, though now it was stuck fast. I had a feeling as to what the problem was but sometimes something can just come out of no where and throw a spanner in the works. The guy had doubled locked his door externally by using a revolution on the key unknowingly when he got home. He then would have effectively deadlocked the door. By slamming the door hard it had forced the sash bolt in to the keep/strike. Locking him in. I picked the lock in the open rotation by on revolution. I then asked the guy to try the handle now. With that the door opens to both his and my relief. I explained the operation of the lock as he was unaware of how to operate correctly.