Emergency locksmith Woolwich

As ever, we are still getting about covering a vast array of jobs. We have covered a fair few jobs in Woolwich lately, the main source has been through a couple of long standing agents we have built relationships with over the years. Recently I was contacted by one of the agents and passed a tenants details over. She had locked her self out of her flat. I rang the lady and she was in a a bit of a fluster as she was rushing about and had to collect the kids from school early as they were finishing for the summer. I was already on a job in Woolwich about half a mile away. I had been uprating a nightlatch for a customer to a Yale PBS1 British Standard high security. I was just tidying up and packing away.

So within 15 mins I was at the property and got the required tools and the door was open in minutes. The lady run in and got her keys and was so grateful for how quick I attended. Though she was running late to get the kids, fortunately going to my next job I would be going past the school. So I offered to drop the lady and she would be on time if not a few minutes early. She agreed and could not be thankful enough. The lady tried offering me £5. I politely declined and asked passing my details would be more preferred and to spend the money on buying the kids an ice cream. later that day I received a text through on my phone from the lady thanking me for everything I had done and made her day so much better after locking her self out. Days like that make some of the troubles you do have in a day seem worth it.

Many people are led to believe as a locksmith you have a easy and profitable life. If only that was the case. It can be long hours, lonely and dealing with different scenarios and all weathers.Struggle to find parking and dealing with traffic and keeping to time scales so it can be stressful at times. Though when you open a lock or a door the rush of adrenalin is addictive and is one of the things that keeps it exciting. I have yet to meet a retired millionaire locksmith but i hold out hope.

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