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Well it looks as though the summer is fading away now so the dark evenings from 3-4 will be upon us soon. So it’s now time people need to start thinking of their security again. As there is now going to be longer hours of darkness giving longer periods of time to thieves.
Only this week Locks in the City have attended 3 burglaries. Two of these were carried out whilst the occupants were in bed asleep. One the property owners had left a front window ajar and had gone to bed. The thieves obviously chancers had noticed the window open but no lights on. Giving them the invite they wanted. The climbed through the window and ransacked the lower floor of the house. Taking a laptop, tablet computers, iPod and other valuable items often found in living rooms. All the cupboard doors were left open showing where they had been.
We had to await for the police soco team to attend before we could carry out our job to ensure we did not interfere with any possible evidence. It was discovered that the thieves had entered via the front window but had left via the back door as the key was left on the inside in the lock. So they took the items left by the back entrance therefore being more inconspicuous. We were given the go ahead to change the locks, as the thieves had removed the keys also. So we had 3 entry points to the property.Therefore changed all 3 locks. I advised that it was best to not leave keys in back doors or any doors as it was an easy exit for burglars. I advise putting them out of site but close by to the doors. As for the window that was used for the point of entry. So i advised to keep shut the window at night. To add further security in the event of forgetting to lock up i suggested fitting two cable restrictors to either corner of window.
I also suggested fitting an alarm. We supply and fit the Yale wireless alarm and it can be set so if you are in the property the alarm can be set to go off if a window or door is opened. It offers a good visual deterrent as well as a good wake up call should anyone get entry into your property. The home owner agreed to have both the cable restrictors as well as the alarm fitted. Although sadly these measures were put in place after the family lost belongings it will however protect their belongings from now on and allow them to sleep again without worry.

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