Expect the unexpected

Since the job i do involves visiting many properties all over the place, we come across many scenarios and situations that if your not prepared you can be caught off guard. With experience you gain this knowledge and experience though sometimes stuff will catch you off guard and its these situations were you have to be quick at decision making.

A few situations off the top of my head that I can think of is:
Firstly I was called to a property by an owner in a bit of distress. They believed their property had been burgled and they couldn’t get into their property. I attend and within 20 mins I’m on site. I look at the front door and find no obvious markings of break in or forced entry. I ask the lady what made her believe she has been burgled. She said my key won’t open the door and her curtains were shut. Even though she opened them when she got up in the morning. So it appeared that maybe the property had been broken into and the burglars have locked the door from the inside and shut the curtains so no neighbours could see what was going on.

I asked the lady had she spoke with the police, as burglars could be inside still. She said no. So I advised that she should for safety reasons. The lady did and to be fair within 5 mins the police arrived. They bang on the windows knock on the neighbours who all advise they not seen anything strange having gone on. The police climbed into the garden via neighbours house. Again no obvious signs of entry or break in. The police then asked if i’d be able to open the door. So i take the lady’s key and test the top lock. The key entered and partly turned but wouldn’t retract the latch. That tells me that the internal button/snib had been pressed. In effect deadlocking the door from inside. The lady is distraught with worry. I carry out a technique to bypass the lock to open it. The door opens, the police take over. They go in and you can hear them shouting out police. After 5 mins the police come out with a smirk on their face. They advise that they had found the ladies husband in bed. He had come home from work feeling ill. He had gone into the front room and shut curtains to get some rest but couldn’t get comfy so went to lay down in bed. He said he wasn’t with it so must of pressed the button on the door by mistake. thankfully all was good in the end but you just never know. It could of been so easily different.

Another unexpected job was I was asked to attend a house within a gated community. It was being rented out but the tenants had not been paying the rent. So the landlord had to go down the route of evicting them. So at 11:15am this particular day myself the landlord and bailiff all attend. The time comes and the bailiff knocks at the door. No answer. I go ahead and open the two locks on the door. I push the door open and step back just in case. I then get a strong whiff of a chemical smell. Also can see fans and plant pots in the hallway and scatters of a soil looking substance. It was a cannabis factory, set up properly. This was no, personal consumption growing this was almost on parr with what you’d call commercial growing. The bailiff called the police and there was swarms of police and activity. The neighbours were all out watching. They were filming and everything as at first I think they believed it may of been a murder scene or something.

Just a couple of random jobs that can crop up. One minute you think your attending a typical lockout, and once on site it twists and becomes a crime scene potentially

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