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Eviction Locksmiths, Locks in the City

Locks in the City, eviction locksmiths

Eviction Locksmiths Locks in the City supply branded locks

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Eviction Locksmiths is a specialist job in our opinion. It can be an intense situation requiring patience, a thick skin and the ability to work under pressure. Lately we have had to carry out a fair few evictions and forfeiture of leases. They are not the nicest of jobs in some cases but sadly they are a necessary evil. Everyone needs a home and should be entitled to a home. However sadly we have many people living on the streets still. Everywhere we go lately in London you will find new properties being built. Though these will go to investors abroad, landlords will buy up with intention to use as a source of income.

However many rental properties will have to go through the courts to get the possession back for the landlord. For a few reasons the tenants will not pay the rent to the landlord or managing agent. Whether that be because they have fallen into financial hardship due to loosing their job, or become ill and unable to work. Or simply their circumstances have changed. They will not be able to pay their rent and will fall into arrears. Now as they are not paying, the landlord will have to subsidise the mortgage. In order for them not to fall behind with the mortgage. They will then have to start the proceedings to get their property back.

They have a few ways to get it back but the last resort is through the courts. They can speak with the tenants in order to see if they can resolve the issue. Get the arrears paid or the tenant agrees to leave. This in at least 90% of the cases will be unsuccessful. The tenants will avoid contact, via calls, visits and letters. Some will keep in contact and later the relationship will turn sour. As tensions will run high. The tenants don’t want to loose their home and the Landlord wants their property back. So with that you tend to find that the tenants will then try everything to make things awkward and pro-long the situation. Not all but a large percentage.

The process normally starts when 2-3 months worth of rent has not been paid. A protocol has to be followed with notices and letters sent to the tenants. More information can be found HERE Then it can be heard by a judge who will decide if repossession/ eviction can take place. If they rule in favour of the Landlord then the Court Bailiffs will attend site and ourselves as the eviction locksmiths to gain entry if need be. The bailiffs will have the warrant with them. Some will have already packed and left, others will be there still packing. We get situations where the tenant will not be at home, they maybe at work or shopping etc. They don’t believe anyone will enter the property. Other times we will attend the tenants will be there, and ready to go. You just can’t predict it, each one is different. Some tenants will be abusive towards you, making threats and get aggressive. Some will be embarrassed and say nothing and leave as soon as possible while others will be extremely polite and understanding that your just there to do a job. .

As Eviction Locksmiths we can attend evictions and do on a daily basis. Last year 2014 we carried out over 500, by the end of this year we are on way to possibly having completed 580. A mixture of Direct from landlords. Some indirectly from estate agents and managing agents. Whilst a large portion also comes from some of our housing associations that we work for. We have built up a good working relationship with all the local bailiffs Especially from Woolwich, Bromley and Dartford County Courts. The Bailiffs are always happy to see us as they know that they will be in the property promptly, without fuss or drama. The door will not be damaged by drilling or use of crowbars and the like. We carry all the stock required to secure the property. We won’t have to drive off to get stock.

Should you require a locksmith to attend a property, to aid in carrying out an eviction. Then Locks in the City can definitely help: Call us to discuss on 07921 000 672

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