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Hi All,

It’s been a while since I could sit here and write a new piece for the blog. We have been really busy as a company. One of the most important things we hope you will of noticed is the new clean, fresh easy to navigate website, www.locksinthecity.co.uk .
We have as usual kept busy with lock outs and slam shuts. Though it has been sporadic and patchy in different areas. We have had our daily contract work that we keep up to date with anything from simple locks changes, through to full on security upgrades for insurance purposes. We also carried out a few master systems for a client who runs a few properties as hostels. The landlord rang and asked me to meet him on site at one of his latest properties that was in the midst of being refurbished.
He asked me to master this up to the run along side his other properties. As there was new doors being fitted we opted for euro cylinder sashlock cases to the room doors. This would entail me supply and fitting it all from scratch. There was seven rooms plus one communal door. The landlord wanted the least amount of keys to be given to the tenants. So as with the other properties. We would require a rim cylinder and nightlatch for the communal door as well as a thumbturn euro operating a euro dead lock case. Keyed alike.
So basically one key would open both locks on the front door. Also we had the euros to the room doors working off the same key. So each room would have their own individual key to their rooms, that would only open their room and no one else’s, but also the key would open the locks to the communal door. So the tenant only required one key. The landlords key however was the master key. His key would open all 7 rooms and communal door. We agreed a price and we spent a good 3/4 of a day then installing and it all went well and the landlord was really happy with the outcome.
This is only one of the many services we offer. Another service that has been going well is the mobile on site key cutting service we offer. There is more benefits to this then people realise. One being that you can test the key there and then to ensure a perfect copy has been recreated. So you can in effect try before you buy. It’s getting late now so I will be back tomorrow to write some more.

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