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Well over last couple weeks as I said in the previous post, it has been really rather busy. A few jobs that come to mind I will write about and share some of the experiences of a day in the life of Locks in the City.

Recently I was called to attend a job in Blackheath SE3. The owner had a upvc door and had left their key in the door on the inside. So when they went out they pulled the door shut, went to lock the door realising they did not have the keys. The customer rang me informing me they required a locksmith to attend as they could not get in. I asked the usual relevant questions to try and figure what is wrong in my mind. The lady informed me that she and the neighbours had tried for about half an hour before finally calling me.
This happens quite often and people try to get them selves back in as they believe they will be footed with an extortionate bill after. Sometimes it ends up having been cheaper to o just called me as many families have found out.

Anyway I arrive at the property within 20 minutes of the ladies call. I pull up outside to find the neighbours, friends and family at the windows trying to pop them open. There is a guy with his hand through the letterbox. There is a long ladder reaching up to the first floor where they have tried opening a window upstairs.

I can see from the van that it is a upvc mechanism, so I jump out of the van go and introduce myself. There is much relief, the lady is talking to me then everyone comes over and is listening, the gentleman who had his hand through the letterbox comes over and is telling me what I need. Apparently he has fitted locks before ha ha. The lady asks how long to open the door. I said I can’t say for 100% but my guess is less then 2 minutes.

I went to the van to get one of my favourite tools. On my way to van I feel a presence over my shoulder. I turn around and a majority of those that were working on the property are behind me walking to the van. More to be nosey of what I had on board. Any how I grab my tool .I have concealed it out of view as I don’t want people to see what I do. More so for the reason as you don’t know these people and if they will copy what you do for the wrong reasons. Again over my shoulder I have my crowd. Mr letterbox decides to shout out ill time you on my phone, if it takes longer then 2 mins we can have a discount to everyone’s laughter. Even I smirked.

I said ok we will discuss the discount, if any, after. He prepped his phone and he counted down from 3. 3…2….1 goooo. 5 seconds and were in. It momentarily went quiet then a gasp of ” oh my god, how did you do that” I wouldn’t explain or show the tool. Funnily no mention of the word discount was used. Though the people who were helping had left damage and scuffs to the plastic and that. The letterbox had been broken, which I repaired.

The lady did then say I should of rang a locksmith first up. I just smiled and sad this is the thing with hindsight. I carried out the training and I carry all the tools for a reason. If it was that easy everyone could be a locksmith.

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